A Proven Formula for Campaign Success

Entering the world of politics and seeking elected office does not have to be shrouded in mystery. The only back room, insider knowledge you need for your campaign is right here in The Winner’s Guide!

This turn-key guide will help you position yourself to run for office, spend your time wisely, organize your volunteers, fund your campaign and get elected!

Enter your election campaign knowing these proven election campaign strategies, methods and tactics to ensure you connect with the voter base before, during and after your campaign.

Start your winning campaign with knowledge and a plan, invest in the tactics that will give you the best voter return, and finish strong with a win. This is the only guide you need to show you how to win a political election or bi-partisan levy campaign. Whether you're a political candidate or levy campaign organizer, you'll have the step-by-step insight on how to win your election.  

Author Melanie Wilt, APR, shares her experience as an elected official, campaign organizer and political nerd, along with colleague Kari Griffith who has organized and run campaigns at the local and federal levels.

Testimonials & Reviews

When I decided to run for a county office, Melanie Flax Wilt, and her team, were my first and most resourceful avenue that I utilized to execute an extremely successful campaign. The guidance and information was effective, creative, easy to follow and implement, and was a major component to my success and victory.

Sasha Rittenhouse
Clark County Commissioner

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