PR Accreditation: Why Does it Matter?

By Melanie Wilt

You may think that PR pros are just born people persons. Give them social media, a microphone and they will rule the world! That is not only wrong, but it’s scary. 

Public relations is a skilled profession that requires education, expertise, application, professional development and public service. It is a dedication to the profession that sets apart PR professionals from any ordinary “people person” who hangs their shingle as a PR or marketing shop, or randomly comes by a job where they have to serve as the company mouthpiece. 

Since everyone today owns social media tools and a free subscription to Canva, how do you know you’re getting an expert who understands the concepts of public relations? You need a PR professional who can apply those concepts to a degree that will protect and improve your company’s reputation and create meaningful relationships. 

The easiest way to identify a public relations expert is to look for the Accreditation in Public Relations, or APR, credential. 

Accreditation in Public Relations (APR) is a two-part voluntary credentialing program for communications professionals. It is designed to demonstrate knowledge of the critical advanced PR and communications skills that deliver value in organizations large and small. Like the lifelong learning programs of a certified public accountant (CPA), professional credentials demonstrate competence, experience and proficiency. 

The knowledge, skills and abilities learned and tested through the APR journey result in the attainment of the highest level of experience and competence in the profession, differentiating these practitioners.

Shift•ology Communication is proud to be owned and operated by an accredited PR professional, Melanie Wilt. 

“The APR process and maintaining accreditation has given Shift•ology an edge over other agencies because we apply extremely high standards and metrics to our work,” said Melanie Wilt. “This benefits our partners in a tangible way, and elevates their brand reputation and reach along the way.” 

In addition, account manager Emily Bennett has met the requirements to test for the APR, and is in the process of preparing for the credentialing process.

“Achieving an accreditation in public relations has been a long time career goal of mine, not only for my benefit but to also have a greater impact on the clients I serve,” said Bennett. “Guiding communication strategies, giving PR counsel and making recommendations that can impact a client’s bottom line aren’t tasks we take lightly, and I want to ensure I’m well-equipped with the best industry knowledge and expertise possible to help our clients reach more, convince more and win more.”