The Shift•ology Communication mom-squad (Kari, Mel, Marin and Emily) wish you and yours a Happy Mother’s Day. We know this day is not an easy one for some women, and for those of you who are missing your mom, a child or an empty place where a child might exist, please know we hold you up on this holiday too — for all the love and nurturing you bring to those around you.

Enjoy our 10 reasons working moms rock!

  1. There’s no time to be a helicopter parent when we’re busy flying to our next meeting.
  2. You want real-life lessons? Take a look at mom’s schedule and learn about efficiency and incredible time management.
  3. You’ll know how to cook for yourself when you’re out on your own, and you’ll always have plenty of crockpot meal ideas to impress your future roomies or spouse. (They don’t have to know it only took 10 minutes to throw together.)
  4. Working moms are the picture of self-sufficiency, but they also know how to ask for help when they need it. The only way to look like a super-Mom is to know you’re not superhuman.
  5. When the daughters of working moms are adult-sized, they can just raid mom’s closet for the most fashionable collection around.
  6. There’s no time to sweat the small stuff. Spilled milk? No problem; I’ll teach you how to clean it up yourself. Stumped on your homework? There’s a Google search for that.
  7. Nobody appreciates quality time with their families like a working mother. When every moment is accounted for in her busy schedule, there is nothing more important than snuggles, bedtime rituals or attending that school concert.
  8. It’s easy for working moms to stay in shape, running from school dropoff to our next meeting in record time.
  9. We’re the ultimate multitaskers, making strategy recommendations on a Zoom call while changing a diaper at the same time (true story for one of our squad, but don’t worry, the computer camera was off).
  10. Our kids are ahead of the curve when it comes to being tech-savvy after watching us use all of our fancy work gadgets (unfortunately, this means they may end up swearing at Siri every now and then, too.).