Vanilla Ice and Shift•ology: Check Out the Hook

By Melanie Wilt

Shift•ologists love the 90s. Some of us can remember more than others. No, not because we were in drug-induced comas (we said 90s, not 70s), but because one of our team members was born in that decade.

As we’ve explained to Emily, Vanilla Ice was solving problems like a lyrical poet before she was even born. And, there’s a lesson in that. You might think of creative strategy as art that applies to sales and marketing (or rap music for that matter), but creative strategy can be pivotal in solving – yo – business’s biggest problems.

“If There Was a Problem”
Clients have come to us with challenges that may not appear to be communication challenges on the surface. But, take a closer look, and the process of research–planning-implementation-evaluation can address those problems, too.

For example, the Ohio Agribusiness Association was faced with: How will we prepare leadership in agribusiness for the future when the workforce is retiring in droves?

So, we said “Yo, We’ll Solve It” and we worked to close the skills gap and prepare current managers with executive leadership skills through an intensive executive Short Course. The 7-year-old LAUNCH program we designed for OABA has now graduated over 125 participants, many of whom have landed in executive roles since participating.

Alright, Stop! 
A few years back, the Ohio Pork Producers came to Shift•ologist Dan Toland asking How can we keep a stable connection between a pig farmer in a barn and a classroom of elementary school students, so they can learn first-hand about a farm?” 

Dan chose to “Collaborate and Listen” and worked with OPC to design and develop Virtual Farm Trips that connected farmers and students. Today, students in more than 40 states have experienced unscripted, unfiltered, unrestricted experiences with pork, beef, dairy and soybean farmers across the country.

“If There Was a Problem” – Shift•ology can put our minds to it. We’ll start with research to gather insights so we can make informed recommendations, and you can make data-driven decisions. Then, we’ll take the problem through our creative planning process, and BAM! There’s your “brand new invention.”

Our friends at Lee’s Famous Recipe Chicken will be happy to know that Colonel Sanders does not, in fact, work at Shift•ology. Visual representation only 😆

Yo, Man. Let’s Get Outta Here
Word to your mother.