Brand Packaging to Build Customer Buy-in


Luckey Farmers was established in 1919 and is a grain marketing and farm supply cooperative located in northwest Ohio, with facilities in Lucas, Ottawa, Sandusky and Wood counties. In 2022, Luckey Farmers came to us for help marketing their Agronomy Division technology package.

Luckey Farmers’ agronomists were having difficulty explaining to their farmer customers the value of their three technology software products that work together to streamline farm operations. The sales agronomists were only being partially successful in closing sales on these products -- AgWorld, FarmTech and Bushel. 

Our project began with two objectives: 

  1. Show farmer customers the value of the technology bundle when used together through Luckey Farmers (measured by increased sales), and
  2. Give sales agronomists a tool and common approach to selling and using the technology bundle to provide added-value to the customer’s operation. 

Shift•ology conducted three focus groups with Luckey Farmers agronomists and sales agronomists to help identify goals, objectives, pain points, audience preferences and anticipated obstacles. Through our neuromarketing process, we created the “Luckey3 Tech Bundle” using the claims “Streamlined. Supported. Simplified.” This messaging was then applied to the sales tools. 

Marketing and communication tools for sales agronomists: A sales presentation digital tool, informational folder and website graphics. 

“Having the Luckey3 bundle at our fingertips has helped simplify our sales process and explain how our three main technologies work together. We have seen growth in engagement in the process and our producers are able to see how adding these systems work to their benefit.” - Mike Molnar, Sales Manager Luckey Farmers, Inc.