Creating a Non-Profit Legacy


Carly DeLong became passionate about lifting the spirits of girls fighting cancer locally by helping them to feel beautiful, even during their treatments and extended hospital stays, long before facing childhood cancer herself. Carly loved makeup and beauty products, and developed a program called “IVs and Eye Shadow” in which cancer patients would receive makeovers and photoshoots while battling their illness. She eventually wanted to turn the program into a nonprofit and expand it to hospitals across the country. But on New Year’s Eve in 2016, Carly was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia herself and ultimately lost her battle with cancer the following September. After her passing, Carly’s mother, Dr. Lisa DeLong, knew she needed to carry on her daughter’s legacy and turn her dream of helping cancer patients into a reality.

Shift•ology was charged with developing a brand that not only embodied Carly’s lifelong passion but also allowed the program to evolve into what it is today - a connection between the girls fighting cancer and the girls giving the makeovers. GLO stands for Girls Lifting Others, a simple phrase that says so much about the spirit behind this program. The brand is being brought to life visually on customized makeup boxes each girl will receive and through a new website that will share the story behind GLO.


Dr. DeLong has rallied a group of local high school girls (who have been professionally-trained and will be giving the makeovers), five photographers and a distributor of a toxin-free cosmetics company, who will all be working together to lift up girls fighting cancer at Dayton Children’s Hospital beginning in 2021.

The GLO program will officially be launching sometime in 2022 once Covid restrictions are lifted at Dayton Children’s. We can’t wait to see these girls GLO!