farmer with pigs

Case Study: Virtual Field Trip to a Pig Farm

Public Relations Campaign for Ohio Pork Council

The Challenge:

Transparency is a major factor driving education and trust in modern animal agriculture. There is no better way to address this than with personal relationships, two-way dialogue and first-hand visits to a farm. However, there are time, logistics, biosecurity and budgetary challenges associated with on-farm visits. The Ohio Pork Council and its sister associations in other states, turned to Shiftology to help utilize modern technology to deliver a field trip experience to classrooms and build relationships with tomorrow’s consumers.

The Shift:

Leveraging technology, easing the burden on the client and eliminating logistical costs and biosecurity concerns, Shift•ology worked with the Ohio Pork Council to develop a comprehensive and easy-to use Virtual Field Trip program that allows students a firsthand view inside a modern hog farm and to chat directly with a pig farmer using live video chat platforms.

The Win:

The Virtual Field Trip to a Pig Farm program receives universally high marks from teachers, has expanded to other states and garnered nationwide interest leading to further potential expansion throughout and beyond the pork industry. Between 5,000 and 10,000 students have participated in a virtual field trip through spring 2017, with YouTube views of recorded visits in the thousands. The program has also received extensive national agriculture media coverage through outlets such as Successful Farming and RFD-TV, among many more.

farmer with pig

Shift•ology has been a leader in helping connect farmers and classrooms across the country virtually. They have seen the opportunity to be more efficient in youth education efforts, and helped create opportunities for the Ohio Pork Council and other state pork associations to effectively communicate with educators. We appreciate the technical experience, communication skills, promptness and professionalism that the entire Shift•ology team adds to our small staff.

Jennifer Osterholt