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Case Study: Seneca Conservation District

Rebrand and Digital Communication Strategy

The Challenge:

The Seneca County Soil and Water Conservation District has been a go-to source for all things concerning the conservation and improved use of natural resources for county farmers and rural residents since 1949. But over time, the district has become about much more than soil and water. Shifts in societal expectations and communication methods turned the district’s leaders to Shift•ology to help them apply a modernized approach to successfully serve Seneca County residents in the future.

The Shift:

Shift•ology helped the district define niche audiences, redefine its brand and implement a fully connected and integrated digital-social presence, allowing staff to focus on simplification, humanization, connectivity and refined segmentation of its audiences to provide valuable, relevant, contextual and engaging content, resources and services for new and traditional audiences.

The Win:

Shift•ology not only set up the newly-branded Seneca Conservation District for customer-focused success, but trained and empowered its leaders and staff to live, breathe and take control of its brand for decades to come, resulting in the district making an impact well beyond county borders and being hailed nationally as a model agency for peers to follow.


Seneca Conservation District was awarded the 2015 President’s Award by Ohio Federation of Soil and Water Conservation Districts for going above and beyond, and becoming a model for districts across the nation to follow.


We (our staff team, Board and Partners) LOVE what Shift•ology did for us! Shift•ology has built the foundation, delivered personalized, unique twists and streamlined the delivery of our conservation message to reach and teach across all our wishlist people, channels AND MORE! We always hear from partners, funders and followers, 'your website and social media channels look so good! How do you do it?' We smile and say, 'It was easy when we started with Shift•ology, and it keeps getting easier."' The financial investment in adding Shift•ology’s expertise to our team for this project is something we have never regretted!

Beth Diesch