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Case Study: Redline Equipment


The Challenge:

Originating in tiny Archbold, Ohio, Archbold Equipment had rapidly expanded its geographic footprint to include the northern reaches of Ohio and into neighboring Michigan and Indiana over the past few decades. Associating the name of the dealership with the town where it started, while serving so many different locales no longer represented the expanse and breadth of the company’s reach and services.

The Shift:

Through stakeholder interviews, a series of customer and non-customer focus groups held throughout the company’s service area and in-depth phone surveys and research, Shift-ology helped navigate Archbold Equipment through a rebranding process focused on addressing customer needs while integrating all store locations under a single brand and unified customer experience.

The Win:

Shift-ology helped Archbold Equipment finely tune its messaging and unify all communication, promotion, customer experiences and other community touchpoints through its highly-anticipated announcement of rebranding as Redline Equipment. Additional insights gleaned from Shift-ology’s extensive research will help Redline Equipment continue to operate, improve and serve as a solid brand and leader in their niche for decades to come.
redline equipment
Eight months later the rebrand has been a tremendous success from our perspective. We continue to get tremendous positive feedback from our customers, employees, shareholders and other dealers. Last week we had a group of Case IH peer dealers in town for a meeting and they all raved about our new name, taglines and the implementation that happened so quickly. We explained the integral part that your team played in this success and that we relied on external stakeholders to help us. Looking back it was no doubt challenging and expensive to undertake what we did, but it was a tremendous success and I wouldn’t do one thing different. When coupled with our expansion of five additional locations our brand has become a national brand; where we felt more regionalized previously. At a recent farm show, we got talking to a customer from Indiana and asked him where he did business. He said he deals with Redline Equipment and it just makes you smile. Thank your team for a job well done!
Zach Hetterick