Heart and Vascular Center at London

Case Study: Madison Health


The Challenge:

Madison County Hospital had served London, Ohio and surrounding communities for more than 50 years. As other health care options became more accessible, residents were leaving town for their health care needs.

The Shift:

Shift•ology redefined the hospital’s brand, maintained stakeholder trust (existing patients, community and employees) and created brand equity from which services could be marketed and high quality doctors could be recruited. The rebrand was the most visible result of a system-wide overhaul to improve the quality of health care delivery.

The Win:

With the successful launch of its new brand in November 2014, this win was measured in the conversion of communication and marketing to revenue, use of services and meaningful changes in attitudes about the brand. This project considered environmental strategies to incorporate not only perception, but behaviors inside and outside of the hospital, which resulted in:

  • Profit Margins – 2.7% overall increase
  • Admissions and Observations – 39% increase
  • Outpatient Visits – 12.6% increase
  • ER Visits – 11% increase

Shift•ology continues our work with the Madison Health marketing team for the hospital’s long-term growth as the premier health provider in the Madison County community.