Shifting Audience Focus to Fun

Camp Canopy

The Challenge:

Camp Canopy, formerly Ohio Forestry and Wildlife Conservation Camp, has been a staple summer camp in Ohio since 1950, but with a shift in attracting campers of a new generation (Gen Z), the brand needed to align with the wants and needs of today’s campers. Ultimately aiming to increase registration, Camp Canopy turned to Shift•ology to rebrand the camp and develop a new, user-friendly website to engage with potential campers on their turf (i.e. online).

The Shift:

By harnessing the true essence of what camp is all about through primary research with the target audience, Shift•ology delved into its creative process and developed the Camp Canopy brand, which still includes components of the old camp name with key messaging – “Discover Forestry. Discover Wildlife. Discover Adventure.” Shift•ology also developed a comprehensive marketing-communication plan that focused on implementing the new brand across multiple platforms, specifically digital platforms, in order to reach target campers. Shift•ology also worked to design a more user-friendly website that highlights the camp’s rich history and campers’ past experiences.

The Win:

With its new name, brand image and tech-savvy administration, Camp Canopy received 880 unique site visitors racking up 2,703 page views within the first 50 days of its launch on Feb. 1, 2018. The camp’s new name, brand and website have received high praise by past campers and their parents, camp administration and camp affiliates for its ability to truly depict what camp has to offer. With the ultimate goal of increasing camp registration, the rebrand, new digital tactics and website redesign led to an increase in camper registrations in 2018, with many of the campers being first-time attendees.


When we decided that we needed help promoting our camp and hired Shift•ology, we never imagined the level of care and involvement that their staff would have in our project. They spent time with us, learned about the history of our camp and what drove us to be involved in it. They dug deep into its meaning and purpose and honestly, when they suggested a rebrand we thought there was no way that they could come up with something better than what we already had. They proved us wrong and blew us away with a logo and two words….Camp Canopy. The product and service they provide is far and above anything we expected. So much so, that we hired them to also design a new website for us. We couldn’t be happier with what we received for our money and know that Camp Canopy will benefit for years to come.

Jeremy Sherf

Working with Shift•ology over the past year has been a truly wonderful experience. Emily, Marin, Melanie, Dan, and Jordan have consistently proven quick and reliable. Not only did they deliver a fantastic product, but their assistance throughout and dedication to the project was impressive. They helped us brand and market a summer camp that had been in existence for over 50 years. During the early stages, they took the time to get to know us, learn about camp, and how we felt and envisioned it. They even went so far as to spend a day at camp with us! I can’t recommend Shift•ology highly enough. Every time I look at the logo they created, or add a post to the new website, or say the name Camp Canopy, I think, ‘Wow, they really nailed this one.'

Marne Titchenell