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Shift•ology does a fabulous job of combining creativity and simulated experiences into its communication training program. Worth every penny – and then some!
David White
Agricultural Association Event Coordinator/Meeting Planner

Taking the “Oh, Crap!” Out of a Crisis

Business communication, reputation/risk management
1 hour educational session or 2-3 hour workshop

An employee accident or death, activist protest, natural disaster or customer “complaint gone wild” could severely damage your organization’s reputation. It’s not a matter of if you will face a crisis, but when. When it happens, will you be the one saying “oh, crap!” or the one taking charge, responding rationally and assuring others? Melanie will draw on her experiences as a crisis spokesperson and planner to help you plan for the worst so you can execute the best. She will take you through considerations before a crisis, including a hands-on risk assessment and how to prepare and train your employees and spokespersons. This interactive session will teach you how to speak confidently, directly and effectively in the midst of a crisis to reduce communication risk and regret using science-based communication methods.

  • 4.7 out of 5.0 Speaker Rating at American Hort Cultivate ’14 International Conference and TradeShow
    • “A very good and relevant talk.”
    • “Great, enthusiastic and informative speaker.”
    • “Very out of the ordinary topic to focus on at a horticultural expo but an essential reminder.”

The Brand of You!

Self-improvement, motivation
1 hour keynote program

You will be most effective and leave a lasting impact by embracing your personal brand. What does your authentic voice sound like? How do people perceive you? How can you embrace your characteristics, strengths and more endearing characteristics to influence others and best advocate for your cause? You will leave this session with a profile for your personal brand that you can apply in conversation, online and as a representative for your family, business or cause.

Shut Up! And Be Heard

Communication, listening
1 hour keynote or 2-3 hour workshop

Do you ever feel like the more you talk about the technical aspects of your science-based job, the less people listen? Nobody wants a lecture, but they love to learn when the content is meaningful and useful to them. Using the science of communication, Melanie will help you build rapport with your audience, simplify complex messages, and create a valuable, intellectual idea exchange.

Communication for Nerds

Communication, communicating science
1 hour keynote or 2-3 hour workshop

Are you a scientist, technician, engineer, business professional, researcher or operator who is more comfortable analyzing numbers, formulas and rations than talking about them? Nerds of the world can now rejoice that communication is a Science, not an Art. Appreciate the “science of creating meaning,” and apply these principles as you would a formula.

Are You Bored with Your Board?

Leadership, strategic management, motivation
1 hour keynote

Nobody wants to serve on a boring board of directors, especially the people you want to attract who will raise the bar and take your organization to the next level. Melanie, chief experience officer of Shift-ology and serial board member, will challenge you and your bored members to wake up, ignite passion into the governing process, and get the most from your board meetings to accomplish your goals.

Can’t Abide Another Slide?

Communication, presentation skills
1 hour workshop

Melanie is a recovering PowerPoint addict who used slide decks as a crutch to share with yawning audiences for years. Find out what she learned about engaging an audience when she replaced bullet points with props, pictures and personality.

Agriculture Industry Specific Sessions

Project 155 – High Yield Conversations for Agriculture

Humorous and motivational
1 hour keynote program

The average farmer grows enough to feed 155 people per year. But, does the average farmer connect with that many consumers each year? You may be more comfortable in the barn than in front of an audience; the fact is, that’s even better than being polished! Find ways to connect comfortably with consumers, and start having conversations that impact the way people view modern farms. It’s easier than you might think to make a measurable difference!

Advanced Authentic Voices Workshop

Communication, media training, presentation
½ day or full-day workshop

After your ambassadors have been through “Shut Up! And Be Heard,” let your small group put these skills into practice and conduct a critical review for self and peer improvement. This program will emphasize either media interviewing or presentations, depending on your needs, but it teaches skills that can be applied to all forms of communication. Participants will give either a brief speech or participate in a mock media interview, which will be played back for peer and personal review. The goal of this program is to break bad habits and rebuild communication confidence using the right skills to deliver effective messages.